Esperanza Mission Trek Christmas Trees click here for Dates and times of Sale

Outreach Coordinator – Part time beginning Jan. 1, 2015     Jan Kline: 425.823.0787

Outreach Commission Chairs: Open

Bridge Ministry for Persons with Disabilities  –   This yearly December event is sponsored by our parish. Parishioners, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts &musicians invited to add to the festive atmosphere. 2016  date Dec. 3th, 12:30 to 2:30 pm    Bridge Ministry

Esperanza International  –  Esperanza 2016  dates and treks:

Mature trek” is slated for May 19 to 28, 2016.   We have 40 trekkers ages 20 to 70ish.  We don’t know our work sites ( there will be 2 for sure).  Our work this year will be dedicated to Linda Thompson.  Linda was instrumental in creating the Esperanza experience in 1992 with our high school group and was on our social concerns group that began our first adult trek in 2000.   She is missed by all who knew her.   We are honored to build in her memory.

We will revisit Chris Dube memorial house (built last year) and host a 25th anniversary bbq on Friday for some of the families we have worked with.    We serve together in faith each “doing what we can”.

Our college trek is June 11-19, 2016.  This began in 1996!   For the first time ever, this is a flying down instead of driving.  The loss of our friend Liz Breysse has brought (thanks to her family and friends) enough to help underwrite the cost of the homes and lodging for this group.  They will begin Liz’s home.   Chris Norwood, Rachel Christensen, Hannah Johnson are leadership for this trek.

High School trek began in 1992 and  is June 19 to July 2, 2016.  We are 32 strong with 13 first timers.  (This trek sign up happens in September each year  for the following summer.)  Please contact Jan for an application.  Must be an incoming 2016-17 sophomore to senior to participate.

Goodwin Trek is July 2 to 9.  This 3rd week extension invites parishioners and others to have the ‘Esperanza experience” with 2 most amazing and dedicated leadership adults.  Ken and Mary Goodwin have been involved as adult chaperones with the high school program and YMP for 20 years.   See Ken’s contact info in the bulletin or contact jkline@sjvkirkland.org and your interest email will be forwarded to Ken.  You will never regret it…

Esperanza International    We have been blessed to work in this amazing community development organization  since 1992.     At last count ( by the staff in Tijuana) 120 homes, several schools, and 2 rehab centers have been constructed with our help.  We have lived in community of Catholic Christians who believe in living the Gospel.          esperanzaint.org

Special snaps to Andres Gonzalez of La Corona Restaurant in Juanita.   He has been hosting Taco Take Over events several times a year for 7 years.  He donates a percentage of the profit to our Esperanza treks.  And we get a wonderful meal.  Win, Win, Win.    La Corona address 13520 100 Ave N E, Kirkland.

Knights of Columbus 
Contact: Daryl Zaccaria.    Meeting third Thursday of each month.

Medical Teams International has an annual  auction at Safeco Field.  SJV folks of all ages over 16 have volunteered for the past 2 year’s events.   It is June 4.  Contact MTI to volunteer.  Call Jan for the contact info.  425 753 9594.

Senior Single Saturday Suppers at SJV.   Our chairperson group is Cheryl Alvear, Carolyn Bertsch, Joan Riibe, Jeannie Solomon.  THIRD SATURDAYs of the month after 5:00 Mass dinners followed by a movie, game night, or? Call Jan 425 823 0787 if you’d like more info.

Water Access Now not for profit has been established by Bob Maher & Jan Kline.  The parish of St John Vianney was instrumental in starting this outreach to Ghana, Africa in 2005.   We were originally a part of  W.A.T.E.R but evolved to Water Access Now in 2011.  Between both non profits, we have financed 100 wells.   We  continue to implement with Catholic Relief Services in Ghana.  WAN and CRS have hosted 90 people in treks to Ghana since 2006.  2015 trek is complete.   The celebration of clean water in villages cannot be explained.  For the first time, we saw the drilling process in action and the water gushing from the borehole.  Words cannot describe the joy.  Check the facebook page of Water Access Now to see video created by our own SJV Chris Norwood.   We have a deep sense of awe in witnessing how CRS manifests God’s love to all people based on ‘need not creed’. CRS surely gives hope to a world in need.

Youth Migrant Project 2016 has wonderful new leadership adult Aileen Hammar.  Aileen has led Saturday opportunities this past year.  The summer week is August 1-5  ( we leave July 31, Sunday).   Work includes food bank, assistance in Catholic Community Services camps, and more.

Winter YMP missions – tba for 2016-2017

Prayer Chain

Call the parish office at 425 823 0787.

Sonshine Ministry

Contacts: Nancy Stratton, Mimi Eyster

St. Vincent de Paul

President: Tom Dube.  The great need continues, please consider gifting an extra $1 (or more) a week for St. Vincent’s coffers so they can help others.

Annual Catholic Appeal Donate Now