Adult Faith Formation

Study of the Patristic Fathers Each Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30, we meet to study the writings of the Patristic fathers and their contributions to our faith.

On Thursday, January 19, we will be studying The Shepherd of Hermas. Our text contains a brief excerpt from aa much longer work. If you’d like to read the entire text of The Shepherd or do some additional reading, the following are available online:

  • The full text of The Shepherd of Hermas, translated by J.B. Lightfoot, the great Anglican scholar.
  • The entry on Hermas, from The Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • The Shepherd of Hermas, an analysis of the work by a Greek Orthodox seminarian.

On Thursday, January 5, we will be studying The Shepherd of Hermas. Our text contains a brief excerpt from aa much longer work. If you’d like to read the entire text of The Shepherd, the following are available online:

Older information from the class:

On December 1, we will be studying the account of St. Polycarp’s death, The Martyrdom of St. Polycarp, which is an epistle from the Church of Smyrna, where Polycarp was bishop, to the church in Philomelium. Our text contains an excerpt from the letter. St. Polycarp himself also wrote a letter to the Philippians. If you’d like to read the entire text of The Martyrdom of St. Polycarp or the letter to the Philippians, the following are available online:

On December 22, we will be studying the Didache, or the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, an early second century (or possibly even a late first century) summary of apostolic teaching and practice. A discussion of the Didache is not included in our text; instead, everyone will receive a printed copy at our class on December 15. If you are unable to attend class on December 15, copies will be available at the welcome table in the narthex.

If you’re interested in doing additional readings on the Didache, the following are worth looking at:

  • The Didache, from the Jewish Encyclopedia, published between 1901 and 1906, which argues that the Didache is a Christianized interpretation of the Decalogue and draws heavily on Jewish moral and ethical philosophy.
  • The Didache: Its Origin and Significance, a provocative, often insightful, but often flawed discussion of its significance.

A number of translations and several commentaries on the Didache are available from the Didache page at


Knights of Columbus– Our parish has a Knights of Columbus Group. If interested contact the Parish office and we will connect you with the Grand Knight

Women’s Book Group- The first Tuesday of each month our Women’s Book group gathers in the commons with wine and chocolate to discuss a book that has been chosen by the group the previous month.  Please refer to this weeks bulletin to find out our current book selection.  You do not need to read the book to come to the book group.

Annual Women’s Retreat– Our next women’s retreat will be in the Summer of 2017, July 7-9, 2017! We have reserved St. Andrew’s retreat house on the Hood Canal.  Registration form will be available in the spring of 2017.    It is a wonderful get away for women of all ages.  No cooking or cleaning up after meals!   Contact Laura Stanger if you are interested in being a part of the Women’s Retreat! A monthly rummikube group has also blossomed out of the women’s retreat group and the women’s book group as well!   See the website for the retreat site: St. Andrew’s Retreat Center

Senior Singles Suppers-If you are single and over the age of 55 don’t want to eat dinner on Saturday nights alone. Come join the Senior Singles following the Saturday night 5:00 pm Mass on the Third Saturday of each month. Check the bulletin to confirm…   We usually enjoy a potluck dinner and then play cards or watch a movie together.  It is a great way to get to know other singles, widows and widowers,  in the parish and to enjoy some fellowship.

Quilters Group: Wednesday Morning at 10:00 am there is a wonderful ministry of quilters. Anyone can join, we Gather in the social hall!  Come help make quilts for those in nursing homes or recovering from an illness.   It is a stitch!

Adoration   The first Thursday of each month we will have adoration all day in our adoration Chapel, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.  If you have one hour each month to honor the Eucharistic Presence of Christ in Adoration.

Bible Study  We have a number of ongoing bible studies.  See the parish bulletin if you are interested in joining.  One session is in the evening and another is in the morning. We also have a faith sharing group that meets each Wednesday morning after the Morning Mass.